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Merry Christmas!!

【Recommendation】Herbal & Leaf Tea As Your Japanese Souvenir とっても美味しい日本のハーブ&リーフティーおすすめブランド2選

Trip to JPN, Book Off 2nd hand’s store

Hi there! I wanna let u know my short holiday this week. Share the trip moments here instead of Holistic Remedies today. Today I visited “Book Off” one of Japanese retailer for 2nd hands items. My target is novels. Endo Syusaku(遠藤周作) …

DIY Cosmetics Loose to Pressed Powder ルースパウダーを固めてみた

GINGER : The Attractive Effects 生姜の効能と魅力に迫ってみた❤︎

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High Performance Fruit : Apple 万病の薬 りんご